A wonderful end to a wonderful week

What a fantastic week it has been! Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some time with our Headteacher award winners. We loved our tea party and the children talked about what they liked about school and what jobs they’d like to do when they are older. I think Leyland summed it up when he went back to class and said ‘That was the best thing ever!!!’ Mrs Douglas, one of our Governors joined us too and Skye loved showing her how to play games.

Today Mrs Kilgariff and myself had a great time at our parents Children In Need coffee morning ☕️ We both love spending time with you all, thank you for coming and for all your support. We hope you liked Miss Bailey demonstrating DoJos to you all.

We have raised around £200 for Children In Need and we have loved wearing our slippers to school all day. We hope you like our photos…Year 1 did some super reading in their slippers too!

Thank you all as always for your support and I wish all our Parkside children, parents and staff a fantastic weekend 😀.


Junior Leadership Team visit to BGL Group: Trim Trail Triumph!

On Thursday Charley, Annabelle and Henry, who were elected as some of our Junior Leadership Team, visited BGL Group in Wakefield. They did a presentation on behalf of all the children and staff at Parkside to the managers of the company. This presentation was to ask BGL if they would support Parkside’s fundraising for a trim trail. So far over the past year with the help of parents, children and staff we have raised around £7000 and with a further £8000 from the governments Sports Premium Funding we currently have a total of £15,000. Our target is around £20,000. Charley, Annabelle and Henry were amazing! They impressed the staff and managers at BGL group so much that they have agreed to help us!!! They have promised us a donation and would also like to do some fundraising for us so please watch this space!!

We are also really grateful to Tanya, Charley’s mum who organised this partnership – thank you so much for all your help!!

Everyone at Parkside is looking forward to working with the staff at BGL. I would also like to say thank you to Jamie Lyons, Stephanie Lagrange, Amanda Grice and Sharon Davies at BGL who were so impressed with Charley, Annabelle and Henry they were given a special gift from the company!! Well done, I am so proud of you all 😀

A lovely end to the week 

October is here which means we’ve been back at school for 5 weeks.  As you all know, my favourite time of the week is our Celebration Assembly and this Friday we heard about some of the amazing achievements of our children. Well done to Max for his gold medal in the European Karate Championships in Manchester! All of our children are working so hard and every week I look forward to seeing the work they have done. A big thank you also to all of our parents and families who support us each week, this means such a lot to the children, staff and myself. So here’s to lots more assemblies…lots more achievements and so many opportunities to be proud of our children. Thank you Parkside, you’re awesome 😀!

Sky Sports comes to Parkside!

What a fantastic end to our second week in school as we received a visit from Sky Sports. They came to film our Year 2 PE lesson because they had a very special surprise for one of our children. Angus MacDonald, Barnsley FC’s club captain had come to see Riley and present him with a shirt.

Angus had heard about Riley’s illness and how he had to put his place at Barnsley FC’s Academy on hold. When Angus was a young player he had also been seriously ill and was presented with a shirt by John Terry so Angus wanted to do the same for Riley. Riley was really shocked to see him!! And Angus asked him to be the club mascot for Saturday’s match against Aston Villa. Year 2 also enjoyed playing football with Angus!!

Sky Sports filmed all afternoon and the sun stayed out!! Angus also went round school and visited all of our children in their classrooms so they could ask him some questions. It was a great day and one the children will remember for many years to come. Thank you Angus, Barnsley FC and Sky Sports for making this all happen.

Welcome back to school!

New year, new start! We are all so excited to be back at Parkside for the start of the new school year. It has been a fantastic week, our children’s behaviour and eagerness to learn has been awesome this week and everyone has made a brilliant start! We are very lucky to have welcomed two new teachers this week, Miss Hopkinson in Year 1 and Miss Drake who is Year 6 teacher and leader of Key Stage 2.  The highlight of my week as always was our Rewards Assembly this afternoon. It was fantastic to see our new pupils of the week and our outstanding writers. Their pictures will appear on class blogs early next week when our ICT technician swaps our blogs over!

2016-17 was a fantastic year for Parkside. Together we got some of the best results in the whole of Barnsley and our children’s progress is amongst the best in the country! We are so proud of all our children and their parents who work really hard. Together I know we can make 2017-18 an even better year! 

Our wildlife garden – Barnsley FC and NCS

This week the National Citizens Service started work on our wildlife garden. They have worked so hard and what they have done within a short space of time is amazing!!! We are so grateful to them, their staff and supervisors as well as Barnsley FC’s Reds in the community, for helping to create our wildlife garden. Here are a few pictures of what it used to look like…and what it looks like now. Look out for us in The Barnsley Chronicle on Thursday!  

Brave Year 5s

Today Mrs Kilgariff and I took Michael, Shruthi and Henry to Barnsley FC. They were helping me give a presentation to a group of 16-18year olds about a project we’d like them to do at Parkside to help us develop a wildlife garden for our children. We thought there might be about 20 people there…..we were wrong. When we walked in there was over 100 people!!!! Michael, Shruthi and Henry were so brave answering questions from the students, even though when we walked in Michael said…’How many people???!’…and it seems that Henry is already famous! We hope they want to take on our project, but even if they don’t I am so proud of our Year 5s. Well done Michael, Shruthi and Henry!