Brave Year 5s

Today Mrs Kilgariff and I took Michael, Shruthi and Henry to Barnsley FC. They were helping me give a presentation to a group of 16-18year olds about a project we’d like them to do at Parkside to help us develop a wildlife garden for our children. We thought there might be about 20 people there…..we were wrong. When we walked in there was over 100 people!!!! Michael, Shruthi and Henry were so brave answering questions from the students, even though when we walked in Michael said…’How many people???!’…and it seems that Henry is already famous! We hope they want to take on our project, but even if they don’t I am so proud of our Year 5s. Well done Michael, Shruthi and Henry! 


2 thoughts on “Brave Year 5s

  1. It was scary because when we was walking through the corridor, through the window I saw only 1 person then when Ms Ward opened the door, there were hundreds of them. Then I said ”how many?!?!?!” Then when Mrs Kilgariff showed me the picture when my head was forwards, Henry, Shruthi and I was all laughing are heads off even Ms Ward and Mrs Kilgariff. But still, it was good to talk in front of 100s of people so that shows that we are brave and even Ms Ward for standing in front of them.

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