Well done Year 6! 

Yesterday our Year 6 SATs results were published and I could not be more proud of our Year 6 class! They have worked so hard and I knew they would do brilliantly. Together they have outperformed other schools in our area and are above the National Average for all children in the country! I know that this is all down to the hard work of Year 6, Mrs Cook, Mrs Goodwin and all of our staff at Parkside who have worked with the children not just this year, but every year. It is also because of the support our children get from their parents, you should all be very proud. I feel it is important to also say that these tests only measure reading, writing and maths. There are many things that they do not measure. So whatever children achieve in these tests I also know that they are all kind, honest, respectful and talented in lots of other different ways. I am so humbled that we have a fantastic group of young men and women who are ready for secondary school. They make their parents and school proud of them every day. Well done, Year 6! 


3 thoughts on “Well done Year 6! 

  1. I will most definitely be sad to leave Parkside. I’ve been going to it for nearly 8 years and many memories I will keep in mind additionally , I have enjoyed my time at Parkside and have met many brilliant friends and teachers there. And I’d just like to state I will dearly miss everyone. I will never forget this school.

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    1. Thank you, Leon. That will mean such a lot to all of us who care about you and want to make sure you leave us with the best grades, and that we have helped you have the best start to secondary school. You should be really proud of yourself because you have done very well!


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